About me

My name is Almants Auksconis. Although I had begun my career in interior design since completing my degree in 3D Design from IADT, 3 years ago, I believe my journey in design began a long time previous to this. I have always been one for detail, the layout of spaces, objects and their relationships, thus no matter where life had taken me, I found myself always being drawn to  creativity of the environment. Interior design is where I believe I have settled and it is a career which betters myself and individuals touched by this field.


I have no doubt that my abilities can benefit anybody with the right opportunities available. I am creative, positive, teamwork inclined but also enjoy taking the lead and most of all I love to be challenged.


Thank you for getting this far and since you have commited this much, please do not hesitate to explore more of my work or contact me if you have any suitable opportunities... or to just say hello.


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